Traveling with Jewelry

 I wanted to share with all you travelers some tips on how to navigate with your jewelry safely and damage free.  With my experience from attending various pop-up shops and vendor opportunities and having to travel with large quantities of jewelry,  after awhile I have learned what is going to save me time and money from getting my YOMEGZ merchandise from here to there and believe these tips can do the same for you and your baubles.  One of my pet peeves is moving all my jewelry to one location to the next and finding that something may be damaged, or my fine chains are tangled and now I must waist hours trying to unravel the mess (recently this happened whilst  rushing to a show without taking proper procedure and I missed the opportunity of displaying at least 4 of my one of a kind necklaces because they became knotted.)

All these things that can help, you probably already have in your household to secure your jewels and get to your final destination carefree.


These tend to be one of our biggest problems. There are a few options to use here.  

PLASTIC STRAWS:  Simply string one end into the straw and clasp the necklace together and it is less likely to tangle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.44.56 PM.png

        TWIST TIES:  Use these to tie on one end of the bunch of necklaces and on the                other to keep them together and prevent the tangle.




PRESS AND SEAL WRAP:  Simply place the chains on the wrap and layer with another piece of wrap and press and seal, the necklaces will stay in place.  With this method make sure to bring the roll so when your on to your next destination you can press and seal again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 5.30.14 PM.png


For the small earrings our main concern is keeping them together.  Its so easy to lose these small guys.  Consider these things that may be laying around your house hold.

CARD STOCK: Pierce your earrings through a harder piece of paper and they will be easier to keep together .

BUTTONS:  Simply pierce through a button  That would make for a great little earring holder.



Tie them together with twist ties or yarn or better yet get a contact case.  where you can keep them in a a small compartment. 



Both surfaces of precious and costume metals can easily be scratched.  Whether it be silver, gold, platinum, brass or aluminum.  When traveling your metal can be scratched and rubbed against things that are in your luggage.  I believe your best bet is to make sure that you wrap in some sort very soft fabric with the least amount of abrasion you can find.  This way you are preventing any denting or scratching wether that be necklace, bracelets, rings or earrings. 


Another tip is to you use clear nail polish on your costume metal or clear gloss spray to protect it from fading or tarnishing,  This is a preventative measure you should take in general to protect from natural oils in your body and sweat in the long run.  If your going to a beach destination I can assure you your costume jewelry will change colors from a combination of salt and water.  Even if you don't get in the water it is likely to still change quicker. 


If you have questions on traveling with your goods, don't hesitate to connect with me on my contact page.  Good luck and safe travels y'all!